Birds Eye

Birds eye view is a technique used in photography where an elevated perspective of an object. It is common used in drawings, paintings, artwork of landscape. Its called birds I because the angle of trajectory projected in the photo is that of a bird perched up high. It’s also known as Aerial view, used for GPS satellites as well! I liked how it aided in this picture! 🙂 It captures a different point of view than portrayed in the typical photo.


Worms eye

Hahaha everytime I look at this picture it makes me remember how small I felt. I mean think of how little worms feel! Yeah sure to each other were not that big but to them were HUMONGOUS even though were really not. Its just all about their point of view! Thats the point of worms eye view. Its an elevated view of an object at a certain angle that makes the object seem bigger than it actually it. It was pretty cool to see it in this picture. How you can play with the proportion of objects.

The Rule of Thirds is a technique used in visual artwork such as photography, paintings, and designs. A grid is broken into nine squares and placed on a picture and in order for a photo to be in thirds your object of interest my fall within a certain intersection of the squares. Typically a photo needs to be cropped to apply this rule. Usually the Horizon or a vertical object will help a line a photo into the thirds. This visually aids the spectators eye to automatically see the focus of the photo. Basicly you’re helping the people viewing your art see what you see.Image

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