Do You See What I See ?

A little caterpillar starring back at me (:


This is Cater ^-^

Walking along a beautiful scenic route roaming and exploring all aspects of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. While strolling along I hear my friend who is traveling along side of me scream “Watch out.” Frightened I threw myself out the way, not know what to expect, I look over from my path and I spot this odd, green creature wiggling  along in the crevice of the sidewalk I was so close to encounter upon.

  Taken by this strange creature, who’s presence had never been quite known to me at the time I gently rolled over, careful not to crush the small creature and snapped a photo of it in mid-wiggle, which inturn demonstrated the movement that also fascinated me about this creature. It was sunny and quiet warm that day, so I decided to use sunlight to my advantage. The sunlight reviled the balance, repetition, pattern, and harmonious balance the caterpillar displayed with its beautiful variation of shades of green. Shortly after, he received his name, Cater, from his new friend. After making a new friend and traveling together for a while, we bonded and then parted our ways.