Do You See What I See ?

A little caterpillar starring back at me (:


Turning Over A New Leaf

This is a picture of me capturing an image of a simple object thats seen almost everyday in our lives, thought nothing of. I decided to use them as     my main focal point, and capture them in an odd and different perspective. Picking up this leaf that caught my eye the back beaming on my back casted such an odd shadow from the angle it was rising that morning. As I turned around, it beamed in my face and I quickly went to shield my eyes with the same hand I held the leaf in, and such an amazing concept just seem to hit me. It was backlighting, and not only was it backlighting it was also an amazing use of natural sunlight and a beautiful new point of view for a leaf to be captured in.

     I chose this picture specifically to capture a concept of an everyday basic thing in nature portrayed in a new light, quite literally. The silhouette of the leaf is what really made me take interest in the setup of the photo itself. Typically silhouettes are thought of as dark outlining  yet this was a glowing bright outline created by the natural backlighting of the sun. I attempted to try to shine a new light on a typically everyday object, and seem to have quite literally accomplished it. In my opinion I believe this picture turned out very well all together, and as Isabel Wood said it “POPPED WITH COLOR, creativity, and a new concept.” Which I concur completely with that statement.

Leading Lines

ImageIn this picture I used the compositional technique known as “leading lines”. Leading lines are used by artist and photographers alike to capture the attention of a gazer; and use the “natural lines” in the photo to lead their eye to the primary focus the artist/photographer is trying to convey. My main focus in the photo above is of myself sitting on the bleacher, using the lining of the bleacher as my “natural line” almost like a prop. Its pretty cool to see how much this impacted my photo! To see how such a simple, unsophisticated main point can be portrayed in such a way just using lines, that seem so unintentional.