Wreath Across the World



After half an hour of cadets hustling and bustling, dressing and getting ready for the day at the sound of revile, at 0900 hours each fell in to morning formation. Given the command “dress right dress” they aligned themselves simultaneously into almost perfect rows and columns. After standing at attention for quite a bit of time they were given the command at ease and they all seem to eagerly drop their shoulders and stand quietly in a lessen composed state.

Variety and Repetition

Repetition is the use of duplication or a repeat of the same pattern, object, color, or design. When using repetition, the artist has to keep harmony, balance, and proportion in mind that’s  where variation or variety comes in. Variety is one of the artist devices that make up the   principle of design. Its commonly used when the repetition is used; because to much repetition can cancel out the principle of harmony and with to much variety the point, whether it be focal or point of view, the artist attempts to make in the art work can either be to much and/or not clear. So that’s why variety and repetition are used together, they kind of have a cohesive relationship. What one principle lacks the other one makes up for it and vise versa.